I was born and raised in Sioux Falls, SD. As a child, I was always crafting. Making things like a tinfoil and safety pin brooch for my mother, a paper toolbox (with a complete set of paper tools) for my father, a little cloth purse and matching wallet for my oldest sister, and countless other made-from-the-heart gifts. As I grew up, my creativity re-focused itself on fashion and, after graduating high school, I headed out East to study what I had grown to love. I had a wonderful college experience at The New England Institute of Art, where I received a bachelor's degree in Fashion Retail Management. This opened me up to a ton of great opportunities, so I hung around Boston for two more years, learning as much as I could. During that time, I was on the visual merchandising team at Nordstrom and was the visual merchandising manager at Talbots. I even got to style a few fashion shows for Macy's! I learned so much about merchandising, self-management, and displaying products in a way that they basically sold themselves. Working with the corporate teams of such successful ​companies was invaluable to me, and I'd like to pass along these skills to local boutiques here in my hometown! I want your store to be a relaxed, inviting, and gorgeous environment where people won't be able to help but shop!